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How Slot Machines’ Volatility Is Associated With Their Payout Capacities

Slot Machines’ Volatility

This article enlightens the meaning of volatility in online slots, besides being descriptive about three categories of volatility in slots.

The topic of online casinos will never be complete without mentions of modern slot machines. This casino game surpasses nearly all of its contemporary alternatives in terms of straightforwardness in rules, entertaining gameplay, and high-paying potential. Besides, you will convene with lots of variety in slot machines if you are registered in a proficient casino gambling platform.

From fixed payline titles to Megaways slots to progressive jackpot – all of these will be ready for you to wager in. However, some terminologies will remain the same and equally important even amidst all these diversities. The slot volatility is one of them. So, let’s start by knowing what it means to players.

Slot Machine Volatility: What is It?

Volatility is a term gamblers use to specify the risk factor associated with a gambling game. To be more precise, it means the frequency they can expect a win to come by or the size of winnings they can receive.

In an affluent slot machine library of renowned online casinos like UFABET, slots of three different volatility levels are available for players (low, medium, and high).

  • Low Volatile Slots

Low volatile slot machines are titles that generate winning rounds more often. However, their jackpot amounts are not as exciting as high volatility slots. Still, these slot titles gather players’ fanaticism due to their steady payout capacity and approval towards lower loss and longer gaming sessions, enabling players to have a more proficiently managed bankroll. Lucky Cherry, Irish Magic, and American Gold Rush are some of the popular low volatile slots. 

  • Medium Volatility Slots

While slots with low volatility levels stay at the initial position in the parameter of variance, medium volatility slot machines reside somewhere middle of this scale. Thanks to their volatility level, medium-variance slots’ frequency of creating wins and thier size are mediocre both. Therefore, these titles would be perfect for you if your inclination drives you towards fairly generous payouts without taking up significant risks. You can play Divine Fortune 88 Fortune and Monopoly Megaways if such slot machines satisfy your gambling style.  

  • High Volatility Slots

You might have already understood the characteristics of these online slots only by the name. You won’t be able to spin reels of these machines without adopting considerable risk, but your payouts will be identically rewarding when a win surfaces. When it’s about highly volatile titles, names like Mercy of the Gods, Wheel of Fortune Megaways, and Gonzo’s Quest are sure to be pronounced.

Difference between Volatility and RTP

Slot volatility means how often a slot machine creates a winning symbol combination, while RTP means how much money an online slot returns to the players through generating wins. Hence, these two slot terminologies are thoroughly different from each other.

For example, if a slot machine declares its 90% RTP, it means the slot title will generate $90 on every $100 wagered on it. Therefore, slot machines’ volatility and RTP ratios don’t plunge effects on each other.

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