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Five Assets that a Blackjack Player Must Have to Conquer the Game

“Winning isn’t the everything it’s the only thing.” The quote is very true in the game of Blackjacks as it is not only about winning but also the personality that influences the game. It’s a very methodical and a practiced game which involves defeating the dealer cunningly with charm and diligence.  

Well Versed

Erudite player of Blackjack should be well versed in the rules, strategies, and approaches to playing the game. He should know the hits and misses of the game by keenly observing the fellow players so that he overcomes repeating the same mistakes. Few books like Beat the Dealer, Blackjack attack can be good reads before experimenting with the fascinating game.


Players like Ian Andersen, Stanford Wong have set the benchmarks in the serious but fascinating game, due to their meticulous and self-controlled nature. The highs and lows of the game do not affect their psyche but strengthens their enthusiasm to win and play the game competently without calling out their egos. 


Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet “is the motto of the virtuous and veteran Blackjack players. Don Schlesinger, Edward O Thorp are the experts of the game as they have multitudes of patience and perseverance that outstrips the failures they witness in the game. The novices can surely pick up this quality from their predecessors as it brings an asset to the game of fortune. 


Lessons learned at a game table are numerous which offer practical evidence of our mistakes and opportunities. Hence it’s essential to be realistic and controlled before taking high risks which can end up bankrupt. Books like Repeat until rich, BlackJack Attack is excellent memoirs of experienced players of realistic and meaningful ways of playing. 

Good Learner

A good player is a good learner. In the Blackjack game, there are various missed chances and flops. However, to overcome, the player must come with an open mind and learn from his mistakes to prevent future failures. Veteran players share their innumerable anecdotes that offer a piece of excellent evidence for players to learn. 

Five Assets are an essential ingredient for a Blackjack player to deliver excellent results without compromising on his values. Having a right Attitude is more important than Winning After all, there is a life outside the casino, and it’s essential to be upright and disciplined to face the outer world. 

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